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  • Sonja Allen

Summer evening walk on 30th June around Towton Battlefields

On the Friday evening of 30th June 2023, we met at Towton Cross to start our summer evening walk around the battlefields of Towton. Steve led us through the 3 mile walk and also stopped once in a while to give us some more information about the history of the battle of Towton that took place in 1461 and was the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil. Even if you were not into that sort of history, you could not help but being drawn into it all and imagine what it must have been like for those men and in those days.

When we finished the walk, we all met at the Crooked Billet Inn where we had a evening meal and a social get together. The food was excellent and we got served quickly despite being a large group. Steve even went for the Yorkshire Pudding challenge which consisted of a starter, main and desert each made with a Yorkshire Pudding. Hats off to him.



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