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  • Sonja Allen

West Burton (Wensleydale) - 14 May 2023

By Steve Howard

For the May walk the club, went to Wensleydale. All 3 walks started and finished in the village of West Burton.

The steady walk was around 5 ½ miles heading clockwise to the waterfalls at Aysgarth and returned along Walden Beck and the waterfalls at West Burton.

The medium walk of 7 ½ miles headed anti clockwise passing the waterfalls at West Burton and then headed for the hamlet of Edgley via Sorrelsykes Park. It continued following the River Ure to the waterfalls at Aysgarth, then heading south for Thoralby and back into West Burton.

The long walk of 11 miles started off with a climb up to and over Fleensop Moor, then heading for Carlton, where we crossed over Carlton Moor & Burton Moor, then returning to West Burton.

Refreshments where available in West Burton, which were needed after the beautiful weather.



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